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Mayor Tom Tate

Tom Tate was re-elected Mayor of the City of Gold Coast, in March 2016.
Tom is a civil engineer by trade, having graduated from the University of NSW in the early '80s. He started his career in the construction industry and later moved into the tourism and hospitality industry.

He is an active member of the Gold Coast business community, having served for many years as a director for a variety of business associations and organisations, including Gold Coast Turf Club, and as Director and Regional Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland. Tom is a Life Member of the Surfers Paradise/Broadbeach Chamber of Commerce.

As Mayor, Tom is working to return that 'have a go' spirit back to the Gold Coast.

The multicultural Mayor was born in Asia and speaks three languages.

Subject to mayoral commitments, Tom has agreed to welcome Mensans to the Gold Coast at the opening ceremony.

Jellurgal Cultural Centre

Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre offers us an amazing and accurate insight into the spirituality and society of the Yugambeh Aboriginal people, one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

The 'welcome to our country' ceremony is a small, formal ceremony where traditional owners, usually elders, welcome people to their land. It involves a speech made in Aboriginal dialect, translated for those in attendance, to show respect to the traditional custodians of the land.

At this ceremony, the traditional owners give their blessing to the event taking place on the land. How this ceremony is best conducted may vary according to the location of the event and the traditional practices of the Aboriginal community.

There will be dance performances, including corroborees, dreamtime stories, didgeridoo music and songs, a mesmerising and inspirational showcase of Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Kurrawa Surf Club Beach Safety Demonstration

The Kurrawa Surf Club is our designated watering hole for the Gathering, in appreciation for all the help they are giving us, especially on the topic of beach safety.

This talk should be compulsory for all Mensa attendees, as it could literally save your life.

They will explain how you must ALWAYS swim between the red and yellow flags.These are the safe areas of the beach where lifeguards are always watching out for swimmers who might get into difficulties.

The main danger is not a shark, but a "rip" just under the surface of the waves, which can sweep even a strong swimmer out to sea.Do not go swimming after drinking, or at night.

Have a great swim, but stay alive!

Dr.Dinesh Palipana

Dinesh Palipana obtained a degree in law from the Queensland University of Technology. He then commenced a Doctor of Medicine at the Griffith University, graduating in 2016 as the first quadriplegic medical graduate in the state of Queensland, the second in Australia. He graduated with several awards and was featured in the Griffith University video Dinesh Palipana is remarkable. He completed a medical clerkship at Harvard Medical School.

Following a spinal cord injury, Palipana found adapted ways to be trained as a quadriplegic doctor in partnership with Griffith University and the Gold Coast University Hospital. This was a previously unaccomplished feat in Queensland. He has consequently openly advocated for training medical students with disabilities in Australia. He is now employed by the Gold Coast University Hospital and is Queensland's first quadriplegic intern.

With an interest in radiology, he is a contributor on Radiopaedia, a radiology education portal designed for medical professionals.

David Bezanson PhD.

David is a member of Mensa USA, and is an accomplished speaker, who has extensive experience in public speaking and has presented at 3 previous Mensa gatherings.The subject for his talk is:

What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom? Why is it important? May either be learned?

Meet Mr Intelligence and see how intelligence without wisdom is often ineffective.

Meet Mr. Wisdom and see how wisdom is more ethical and effective for some goals and problems. Wisdom remains free from tradition, bias, and assumptions and balances social and task intelligence.

Does meditation enlarge the brain or increase intelligence? What kinds of measures have been used to test this?

Do Mensa admission tests measure intelligence, wisdom, or both?

We will gather in pairs to brainstorm about wise solutions to global problems.

Yang Bingyang

YANG BINGYANG, who is also known by her online name Ayawawa, is a co-founder and was the first chairperson of Mensa China.

She is the first relationship expert to have created the operational relationship theory based on evolutionary psychology, and as a result, has been reported and highly praised by New York Times, and has made a profound analysis of relationship issues of nearly 20 thousand people and with thousands of face-to-face meetings over the past ten years.

She is the author of the “Rock-paper-scissors Theory” , which explores the secret of one's choice of mate hidden behind the game, and tries to answer the age-old question - what do women really want? She will discuss this theory at AMAG.

Men may feel that women are insecure, so they want their mate to be rich. In turn, women feel confused as to why men are generally profligate and why most of them are afraid of marriage. They wonder, "How do men choose their partner?"

After ten years of painstaking research, Ayawawa reveals the ultimate secret of how humans choose their mate

Teresa Wong

Teresa was a LEAP speaker in San Diego and Krakow last year. Her talks on “ Project Management for Smart People” led to her being on the MCIB (Mensa China Interim Board), where her Asian and Anglo Saxon business and cultural experience is invaluable.

Her subject will be "When East meets West - Transformational Management"

When businesses absorb businesses from a different culture, the management needs to consider how those cultures differ and how to manage the merger.

As at AMAG or any social meeting, we see how personalities are moulded by their upbringing, culture and age. We need sensitive recognition of how us as individuals can best communicate with each other. Do we simply bow to the stronger personality, or do we try to merge both cultures to work together for the best result?

She will reveal some startling facts, and looks forward to sharing some amusing anecdotes about what happens when East Meets West!

Fatou van den Hoff

Yes, our very own Foxy (that's her on the left) visited North Korea in 2016, and will give us a unique insight into life in the country ruled by the man with the bad haircut (not the USA).

She writes "I'm not a scholar of DPRK politics, culture or society. It will be a personal story and my opinion about what I saw and how I felt."

Her talk will be accompanied by a slide presentation, and promises to be a talk of great interest to all of us.

Make sure you thank her properly, with multiple gifts of liquid refreshment.