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Asian Mensa Annual Gathering AMAG 2017

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Currently, these sessions are confirmed. Sessions are subject to change.

Surfing the Brain Waves (Michele Juratowitch)
As this event is located at the Gold Coast,
this session will provide an opportunity to explore the connections between the ocean and neuroscience, especially in relation to our emotions, behaviours and habits. More info:

The Gifted Kid Zone Series (Gloria van Donge)
After lunch, grab a comfy spot and listen to a special reading of these newly released books for gifted children.
More info:

Coding with Robyn (Robyn Bailey) Grab a device and jump into Robyn’s practical coding challenge. Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Treaure Hunt (Laura Parsons)
The treasure map be found, but it be torn in pieces. Landlubbers, grab yourself a ship's mate and face the challenges of the treasure hunt. Shiver me timbers, the map be our only chance to find the golden booty. Arr!

Meeting Your Mind with Understanding, so it can rest (Tammy Reid)
Learn a tool you can use when your thinking causes you stress – a practical session for an active mind.
More info:

Introduction to Cryptology (Adrienne Alexander)
Explore the fascinating world of secret code making and breaking as we discover the methods and applications of codes throughout history.
More info:

Adults vs Children Sandcastle Building Contest
What makes a good sandcastle? Is it height or width? Is it shape or beauty? Is it strength or uniqueness? You get to decide!

Medieval & Primitive Technologies (Adrienne Alexander)
Play with technologies from long ago. Join in as we learn about and test out ancient tools and technologies used centuries ago. More info:

Turning a tshirt into a bag
Using wildflowers from around Australia to decorate t-shirts... that will become a bag. (no glue or sewing required!). Bring your artistic skills and a sense of humour as we listen, cut, paint, and create!


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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the 2017 Asia Mensa Annual Gathering Gold Coast Kids Conference?

A: The AMAG Kids Conference is a parallel conference, running alongside the adults conference. It is in the same venue. It is exclusively for children. Activities will be run by mentors, gifted professionals, and other specialists. All activities are designed for children. Some activities will be shared with the adults conference.

Q: Which children will be at the Kids Conference?

A: We will allow a maximum capacity of 50 children to the Kids Conference, and 30 children at the Gala dinner.

Q: What age range are you focusing on?

A: Activities are designed for 7yo - 14yo. Generally, Mensa conferences skew towards the young side of this range; older children will be welcomed.

Q: Which adults will be present at the Kids Conference?

A: Mensa is a not-for-profit organisation staffed by volunteers. All Gifted Children's Coordinators carry a Queensland blue card (or 'working with children' equivalent card for their state). The Mensa Kids Conference will be staffed by a minimum of two qualified volunteers, plus the activity speaker.

Q: Who can attend the 2017 Asia Mensa Annual Gathering Gold Coast Kids Conference?

A: Two categories of children can attend the Mensa conferences:
1. Mensan children with non-Mensan parents.

2. Non-Mensan children (and their siblings) with Mensan parents.

This conference will also include a third category (first two categories get priority for registrations):
3. Invited guest children from invited gifted or education organisations.

This means that the conference is open to all family members of a Mensan—including those family members that are not Mensan members.

Note that parents must attend the conference with their children. Parents must pay the adult registration fee, and are encouraged to attend the adults conference, while their child attends the Kids Conference.